Everyday Life was founded because of our deep passion for helping people. A need was not being filled in our communities, and we knew we could help. How? By building genuine relationships and connections through our consulting and training programs. These connections with both business partners and community members let us improve the health and well-being of our communities. Our team knows that where we live, work, and play matters. And we’ve made it our priority to provide tools to enhance that.

Shannon Lijewski

Shannon Lijewski

Chief Executive Officer

Shannon is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people. Everyday Life allows her to utilize her gifts for distilling, organizing, and simplifying processes.

Andrea Krotzer-Burton

Andrea Krotzer-Burton

Vice President of Training

Andrea is a teacher, mentor, and CHW. She has a strong passion for humanity and loves to see success in others.

Kyle Stahl

Kyle Stahl

Director of Business Development

Kyle is a father, connector, and innovative problem solver. He is passionate about the success of others, including clients, friends, and his family.

Keith Lijewski

Office Manager

Keith is a father, organizer, and jack of all trades with a passion for supporting our team behind the scenes as our office manager.

Ashley Patajo

Ashley Patajo

Content Strategist

Ashley is an aspiring physician who is passionate about serving underrepresented communities and communities in need in her everyday life and through social media.


Health Equity

Mike Young

Training Consultant

Mike is a cultural anthropologist, son of an El Salvadoran immigrant, and a screaming word artist with a passion for advocacy and social change through uplift. Everyday Life nurtures his performative style and allows him to share his knowledge base, facilitation skills, and organizational support.

Danielle Hixson

CHW Hub Coordinator

Danielle Hixson’s extensive experience as an NCHW has been instrumental in initiatives like integrating CHWs into rural Michigan areas and managing CHW involvement in multiple health programs. Her role as a CHW enables her to embody and advocate for the core values and goals of ELC. Outside of ELC, Danielle is a dedicated mother to two daughters, with whom she shares a love for camping and rock hunting along the shores of Lake Superior. 

Amber Mullen

CHW Hub Team Lead

Amber brings 15+ years of experience in community health, housing counseling, and financial literacy. A passionate advocate for social change.

Alfredia Dysart-Drake​

CHW Instructor / SW MI CHW Lead

Alfredia is a passionate community builder and CHW instructor. She believes in the power of small, committed groups to change the world.

Tokie Dunn

Training Consultant

Tokie is a mother, motivator, and staunch community advocate, supporter, and enthusiast. Her passion is people, and her purpose is helping others.

Melissa Ladd-Patnode

MHFA Training Consultant

Melissa is a leader, mother, content creator, and animal lover. She is passionate about linking individuals to information and resources, and supporting mental health. She loves to create content around her passions and develop knowledge of others.

Steve Henry

Steven Henry

Training Consultant

Steven is a speaker, trainer, and social justice advocate. He is a passionate certified Life Coach, Community Health Worker, and instructor with over a decade of experience working in many facets of public and behavioral health. He has built the last decade of his career empowering communities to take charge of their wellness through his interactive wellness education workshop and outreach.

Sarah Kile

Senior Training Consultant

Sarah is an educator, activist, and public speaker. She is a Master Trainer for Bridges Out of Poverty and information and referral systems.

Tiyanna Williams

Training Consultant

Tiyanna is a consutant, business owner, and housing advocate. She seeks to partner with others to create and be a part of communities rooted in equity, justice, love, and freedom. Her passion is evident in the planning and execution of her many projects, ensuring the needs and concerns of the underserved are incorporated.

Sheila Rickman

SUD Training Consultant

Sheila is a supervisor at a FQHC working with people with SUD in the center and in the community, as well as a CHW. She is a very strong advocate, believes in equality and meets people where they are in their journey of life.

Kylie Lijewski

Office Assistant

Lucas Lijewski

Office Assistant