The Professional Connection Between Community Health and Social Work  

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Community health workers (CHWs) are increasingly essential amidst the pandemic, economic struggles, housing market challenges, and more. The Minnesota Community Health Worker Alliance defines CHWs as “trusted, knowledgeable frontline health personnel who typically come from the communities they serve.” Additionally, the American Public Health Association explains that CHWs:  Interestingly, the CHW definition and responsibilities are […]

Staying motivated in your career

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Motivation can be hard to maintain, especially for CHWs. These strategies can help. Motivation keeps us moving. But motivation can be easy to lose, especially when we’re overwhelmed, overworked, and facing more stressors than ever before. For Community Health Workers (CHWs), there is the added stress of being a frontline worker and the emotional toll […]

4 Reasons to Add CHWs to Your Pharmacy Team

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Most healthcare consumers – 66% of US adults – use prescription drugs. As a result, researchers estimate that Medicare users see their pharmacists twice as often as their primary care providers. Others estimate that 9 in 10 US citizens live within 5 miles of a pharmacy. But despite the importance of the pharmacy, it’s an […]

How Tiktok can bring more awareness to CHWs

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Tiktok is a relatively new social media platform that has gained a ton of popularity over the last few years. You are either on Tiktok or you’ve at least heard of it, as this form of making and sharing videos has changed the way we interact online. This new platform has changed the way information […]

What CHWs can do for LGBTQ+ clients

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Members of the LGBTQ+ community face health disparities caused by discrimination and social stigma. But Community Health Workers (CHWs) can play a role in addressing these community members’ unique needs. LGBTQ+ folks represent all races, religions, ethnicities, education levels, and career fields. But the discrimination they face can lead to poor job opportunities, inadequate medical […]

5 ways Community Health Workers address Social Determinants of Health

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Social determinants of health, (SDOH), “are the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality-of-life outcomes and risks” (Healthy People 2030). Some SDOH include pollution in the environment, access to food, safe and affordable housing, and more. Public […]

3 strategies to reduce CHW turnover

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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are essential frontline healthcare workers. They are experts on the communities they serve, the resources they refer to, and the health issues their communities face. But even with their expertise, many find it difficult to advance in their careers. This struggle is due largely to limited opportunities within the organizations CHWs […]

CHWs: Trusted Communicators in Public Health (CE)

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Everyday Life Consulting has partnered with The Rural CHW Network and Region V Public Health Training Center to host a panel discussion learning opportunity. Register: Live Webinar – December 8, 2021 from 11AM-12 PM EST PLEASE NOTE: You must pay a $3 fee to enroll in this CE version of the course. If you are […]

Guest CHW Crew Postcast with Tasha Whitaker

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Thank you, Tasha for supporting CHWs and inviting me to share our upcoming project. Calling all CHWs to subscribe to her Podcast.