CHW Story: Alisa Howard

As a CHW Instructor and Workforce Developer, Alisa Howard is also a CHW at heart. After six years in the public health field, Howard took a CHW course in 2018. Prior to this course. Howard mentions that the state of Nevada had not explored bringing CHWs, it was only after the director of the Nevada […]

CHW Story: Champ Napier

“After losing five people due to COVID, I wanted to encourage others and be a change agent”. Chris “Champ” Napier recently obtained his Community Health Worker certificate. Champ currently works as a client advocate for the Mobile County defender’s office. From the start of childhood, Champ was exposed to gun violence, witnessing the death of […]

From caller to contact manager: Shannon Benjamin’s CHW journey

Michigan 211 is an information and referral hotline that connects Michiganders to different resources in their counties. Shannon Benjamin is a contact manager for 211. Her role involves managing contact quality, monitoring calls, coaching call agents, and training all staff on new platforms. She has certifications in working with aging adults, people with disabilities, and […]

From recovery coach to recovery services program coordinator: Kevin Foust’s CHW story

Recovery from substance use disorder is challenging. Access to healthcare, safe and affordable housing, support systems, and more act as barriers. This is why peer recovery coaching programs are essential. Peer recovery programs utilize the skills of those with lived experience to guide recovering substance users to a place of health and wellness. Kevin Foust, […]

From loss to hope: Wendy Bailey’s CHW story

Wendy Bailey, CCHW, CCP, has been a Certified Community Health Worker since April 2021. Before starting as a CCHW, Bailey worked as a medical assistant and in billing, coding, and insurance navigation for 21 years. “Throughout that process, I was already doing what CHWs do – SNAP, food assistance, housing, resources for mental health,” she […]

Interview with a CHW supervisor: The challenges and successes of starting a CHW program

The positive impact of Community Health Workers (CHWs) has become clearer in the last decade. As CHWs join more diverse workspaces, including churches, nonprofits, and school systems, the demand for these frontline public health workers continues to grow. But for many organizations adding CHWs to their team, there are a few challenges. One organization facing […]

A passion for advocacy: Amber Mullen’s CHW story

Walmart is known for providing reduced-cost goods and services across the United States. But in recent years, the company has grown to provide affordable, accessible healthcare. Walmart does this in 24 Walmart Health clinics in four states: Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia. The clinics provide primary care, dental care, vision and hearing screenings, behavioral health […]

From radio to community health work: Alfredia’s story

Alfredia Dysart-Drake didn’t get her start in healthcare. “I graduated from the University of Michigan, and I was in radio broadcasting for about ten years,” Dysart-Drake says. In broadcasting, Dysart-Drake was involved in many community events, organizations, and volunteer roles. This involvement changed something in her. “Along the way, I found myself seeing people in […]

Andrea’s story: From CHW to CHW trainer

Andrea Krotzer-Burton

“I used to do health education for indigenous individuals there. I did eye care education, eyeglass fittings, things of that nature. We created space for indigenous folks to see,” says Andrea Krozter-Burton, Vice President of Training at Everyday Life Consulting and a Master CHW. It was on her third visit to Vicente Guerrero that Krotzer-Burton […]

A CHW Profile: Lenny Avery

“I was a nursing facility transition specialist. So it was my job to help patients leave the nursing home and get back to their home,” says Lenny Avery, Executive Director at the Alcona County Commission on Aging. He is also a Master Community Health Worker (CHW) and Training Consultant at Everyday Life Consulting. “I’ll never […]