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Everyday Life’s Community Health Worker Registry allows graduates to track Certifications and CE’s.

Photo of Camara Angstman

Camara Angstman

Photo of Kerie Beadleston

Kerie Beadleston

Photo of Jessica Beaumont-Campbell

Jessica Beaumont-Campbell

Photo of Shannon M. Benjamin

Shannon Benjamin

Photo of Marina Bigger

Marina Bigger

Photo of Patricia Blume-McGhee

Patricia Blume-McGhee

Photo of Renee Brown

Renee Brown

Photo of Gloria P Carter

Gloria Carter

Photo of Teresa F. Casanova

Teresa Casanova

Photo of Alazar Chroman

Alazar Chroman

Photo of Pastor Charles E Collins II

Pastor Charles Collins II

Photo of Crystal Corpus

Crystal Corpus

Photo of Letitia Davis

Letitia Davis

Photo of Shea Donnelly

Shea Donnelly

Photo of Lisa Renee Duncan

Lisa Duncan

Photo of Tokie Dunn

Tokie Dunn

Photo of Everyday Life Consulting

Everyday Life Consulting

Photo of Denise Faulkner

Denise Faulkner

Photo of Andrea Sunshine Feathers

Andrea Feathers

Photo of Sydnie Fleming

Sydnie Fleming

Photo of Jessica Flint

Jessica Flint

Photo of Andrea Foster

Andrea Foster

Senior Training Consultant

Photo of Cheyenne Garland

Cheyenne Garland

Photo of Mary E. Gavin

Mary Gavin

Photo of Melenda Harp

Melenda Harp

Photo of Alexandra Hawcroft

Alexandra Hawcroft

Photo of Tara Herald

Tara Herald

Photo of Danielle Hixson

Danielle Hixson

Photo of Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

Photo of Patricia A. Kenny

Patricia Kenny

Photo of Marci Kolhagen

Marci Kolhagen

Photo of Andrea Krotzer-Burton

Andrea Krotzer-Burton

Photo of Addie Lamour

Addie Lamour

Photo of Denise M. Lee

Denise Lee

Photo of Shannon Lijewski

Shannon Lijewski

Principal / Owner

Photo of Shelley M. Long

Shelley Long

Photo of Kimberly Malama

Kimberly Malama

Photo of Lesia Malone

Lesia Malone

Photo of Jen Mausolf

Jen Mausolf

Executive Coordinator

Photo of Vanessa Maxson

Vanessa Maxson

Photo of Roxanne McDuffie

Roxanne McDuffie

Photo of Aaron McKinnis

Aaron McKinnis

Photo of Hali D.S. McRoberts

Hali McRoberts

Photo of Maureen Myshock

Maureen Myshock

Photo of Chris “Champ” Napier

Chris “Champ” Napier

Photo of Nikeland Nichols

Nikeland Nichols

Photo of Katie Parkhurst RN, BSN

Katie Parkhurst RN, BSN

Photo of Ashley Patajo

Ashley Patajo

Content Strategist

Photo of Talaia Pickens

Talaia Pickens

Photo of Crystal Quillan

Crystal Quillan

Photo of Ruby M. Roberson

Ruby Roberson

Photo of Ricardo Rodriguez Jr

Ricardo Rodriguez Jr

Photo of Elise Russell

Elise Russell

Photo of Lindsey Sabandith

Lindsey Sabandith

Photo of Katie Saylor

Katie Saylor

Photo of Steven J. Sharrett-Odinsson

Steven Sharrett-Odinsson

Photo of Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith

Photo of Kyle M. Stahl

Kyle Stahl

Director of Business Development

Photo of Leslie Stockford

Leslie Stockford

Photo of Evelyn Sylvester

Evelyn Sylvester

Photo of Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor

Photo of Lourdes Thorn

Lourdes Thorn

Photo of Mallory Tyus

Mallory Tyus

Photo of Hollie Ann Valdez

Hollie Valdez

Photo of Angel L. Vanskike

Angel Vanskike

Photo of Molly Wales

Molly Wales

Photo of Kasey Williams

Kasey Williams

Photo of Marsha Williams

Marsha Williams

Photo of Corinne Wozniak

Corinne Wozniak

Photo of William Wright

William Wright