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CHW Training

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are frontline public health workers who make an immediate and positive impact in their communities. Formal training and certification enhance CHW skills, abilities, and employability. And for CHWs who’ve been in the field, continuing education presents new opportunities for career advancement.

Everyday Life Consulting is providing the Nationally recognized core competency based Community Health Worker Certificate Training. High quality Community Health Worker training (CHW Training) is an essential component of successful Community Health Worker programs and in order to gain the most benefit from training sessions, our trainers build on the skills that Community Health Workers already have, present information in a culturally appropriate and accessible way, and review key knowledge areas as well as provide specific tools and techniques for the programs they will be working in. This course aligns with the standards of the C3 Project Core Competencies for Community Health Workers, as well as many state certification programs, and recognized best practices. Most importantly, it is led by Everyday Life’s team of experts CHWs who have conducted training nationally and currently work in the field as CHWs.