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Health Equity Series

The Health Equity Series is a collection of microlearning modules offered by Everyday Life. Designed to address disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, this series explores critical topics related to health equity, social determinants of health, cultural competence, and advocacy. Each training module is carefully crafted to enhance participants’ understanding of health disparities and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to promote equitable healthcare practices.

Through the engaging sessions, participants will delve into subjects such as implicit bias, cultural humility, microaggressions, storytelling, and role play. These sessions aim to deepen awareness of the diverse needs and experiences of marginalized communities and empower healthcare professionals to provide more inclusive and patient-centered care. The Health Equity Series combines evidence-based research, practical strategies, and real-world case studies to foster a comprehensive understanding of health equity principles and their application in various healthcare settings.

Whether you are a Community Health Worker (CHW), a healthcare provider, or an individual passionate about addressing health disparities, the Health Equity Series offers valuable insights and tools to drive meaningful change.

Join us on this journey towards health equity and become a catalyst for transformative healthcare practices in your community.