Shannon Lijewski
Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Growth and Empowerment
Shannon Lijewski

About Shannon

Shannon Lijewski, the visionary founder and CEO of Everyday Life, is transforming the healthcare industry by driving growth, fostering innovation, and empowering individuals through Community Health Worker (CHW) training. With her strategic leadership and unwavering commitment to improving healthcare delivery, Shannon has created a lasting impact on organizations and communities alike.

Pioneering Growth and Empowerment

Under Shannon’s guidance, Everyday Life Consulting has experienced remarkable growth, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of the community health landscape. Through her entrepreneurial vision, Shannon has developed comprehensive CHW training programs that empower individuals to make a difference in their communities. By equipping CHWs with the knowledge and skills to address social determinants of health, Shannon is driving positive change and improving health outcomes.

Transforming Community Health

Shannon’s innovative approach and deep industry knowledge have transformed community health delivery for organizations. By identifying emerging trends and leveraging strategic partnerships, she helps organizations adapt to the evolving community health landscape. Shannon’s commitment to empowering CHWs and promoting community engagement has resulted in improved access to community health services, enhanced patient outcomes, and reduced health disparities.

Empowering Community Health Workers

Shannon’s dedication to empowering CHWs is at the forefront of her work. Through Everyday Life’s CHW training programs, she provides comprehensive education and support to individuals working on the frontlines of healthcare. By focusing on core competencies, including cultural humility, effective communication, and advocacy, Shannon equips CHWs with the tools they need to address the unique needs of their communities.

Driving Positive Change

As a leader in the industry, Shannon’s visionary approach and commitment to excellence have positioned Everyday Life as a catalyst for transformative change. Her ability to identify opportunities, build strategic partnerships, and support data-driven decision-making has resulted in sustainable legacies of success. Through her guidance and expertise, Shannon empowers organizations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their goals.

Partnering for Success

Organizations seeking to enhance their community health delivery and community engagement can rely on Shannon’s expertise and partnership. With a focus on continuous improvement, cross-sector collaboration, and the empowerment of CHWs, Shannon helps organizations create meaningful connections with communities, improve community health outcomes, and drive positive change. By leveraging her extensive industry experience, Shannon is transforming community health, one partnership at a time.

Leadership and Commitment

Shannon’s visionary leadership and commitment to empowering CHWs and improving community health have revolutionized the field. As the founder and CEO of Everyday Life, Shannon’s focus on growth, innovation, and community empowerment has created lasting impacts on organizations and communities. Through comprehensive CHW training programs and strategic partnerships, Shannon is driving positive change, improving health equity, and shaping the future of community health delivery.