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Micro Strategic Planning

Micro Strategic Planning


Micro Strategic Planning

Are you launching a new business or managing a non-profit organization? Everyday Life is here to help you lay the foundation for success with our Micro Strategic Planning package. This comprehensive offering includes a 1.5-hour visioning and strategic planning session, two coaching calls, and a detailed written work plan. It’s designed to empower you with the tools and guidance needed to set clear objectives, prioritize tasks, and navigate the path to your organization’s success.

Key Components

  • Visioning and Strategic Planning Session (1.5 Hours): Our seasoned consultants will collaborate with you to delve into your organization’s mission, vision, and values. We’ll identify your long-term goals, assess your current resources, and brainstorm strategies to bridge the gap.

  • Two Coaching Calls: Following the initial session, you’ll have two one-on-one coaching calls with our experts. These calls are designed to provide personalized guidance, answer questions, and address any challenges or uncertainties you may encounter while implementing your plan.

  • Written Workplan: To keep your strategic vision on track, we’ll provide you with a written workplan. This document will outline actionable steps, timelines, and responsible parties for each task or goal identified during the planning session.



  • Clarity and Focus: Gain a clear understanding of your organization’s purpose, goals, and the steps required to achieve them.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of experienced consultants who will provide guidance tailored to your unique situation.

  • Efficiency: Avoid common pitfalls and streamline your path to success with a well-structured plan.

  • Accountability: The written workplan serves as a roadmap, helping you stay on track and accountable for achieving your goals.


Who Can Benefit

  • New Businesses: Whether you’re launching a startup or a small enterprise, this package can help you create a strong foundation for growth and sustainability.

  • Micro Non-Profits: Non-profit organizations with limited resources can utilize this package to optimize their impact, attract donors, and fulfill their mission.

  • Entrepreneurs: If you have a business idea or side project you’re passionate about, this package can provide the structure needed to turn your vision into reality.


Don’t leave your organization’s success to chance. Invest in our Micro Strategic Planning package and embark on a guided journey toward achieving your goals and making a meaningful impact.


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