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ELC's Premier CHW Summit
August 7-9, 2024

Awards Nominations

We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate the exceptional contributions of Community Health Workers (CHWs) at the Premier CHW Summit. We invite you to nominate outstanding individuals and organizations for these awards.

Employer of the Year Award

Why this Award Matters
  • This award honors an employer who has shown exceptional support for Community Health Worker (CHW) efforts. The recipient should demonstrate a commitment to advancing the role of CHWs within their organization and the broader community, providing resources, training, and support to enhance CHW effectiveness and impact.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Why this Award Matters
  • This award honors a CHW with a long-standing commitment to the profession. Nominees should have dedicated many years of service to community health, consistently showing dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others. Their career should reflect significant contributions to the field and lasting impact on the community.

CHW Community Impact Award

Why this Award Matters
  • This award is for a CHW who has made significant contributions to educating, empowering, and advocating for their community. Celebrating CHWs who make a tangible difference in their communities showcases the critical role they play and inspires others to follow their example. Nominees should exhibit a strong dedication to their community, having initiated or participated in impactful projects or programs that lead to measurable improvements in community health outcomes.

Leadership Excellence Award

Why this Award Matters
  • This award honors outstanding leadership qualities in a CHW supervisor. Acknowledging exemplary leaders in the CHW field highlights the importance of strong leadership in driving team success and improving community health services. Nominees should display exceptional leadership skills, including the ability to mentor and inspire their team, implement effective strategies, and foster a positive and productive work environment.

Rising Star Award

Why this Award Matters
  • This award is given to a newer CHW who shows exceptional potential. Highlighting emerging talent in the CHW field encourages and motivates new professionals, fostering the next generation of community health leaders. Nominees should demonstrate outstanding performance and dedication early in their career, showing promise through innovative approaches, strong community engagement, and the ability to inspire others.

Why Nominate?

Recognize Excellence

Celebrate the outstanding contributions of Community Health Workers (CHWs) who have made significant impacts in their communities through dedication, compassion, and innovative approaches.

Inspire and Motivate

Highlighting the achievements of exceptional CHWs serves as inspiration for others in the field, promoting a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Raise Awareness

Showcase the critical role of CHWs in public health, raising awareness about their vital contributions to healthcare systems and community well-being.

Strengthen Community Bonds

Nominating individuals and organizations helps to build stronger connections within the CHW community, fostering collaboration and mutual support.