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Role Playing and Dinamicas

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Self-Paced: On-Demand Training

Ideal for learners seeking flexibility, our Self-Paced option allows you to access our engaging online curriculum within 24 hours of registration. Navigate through interactive modules, practical exercises, and reflective practices at your own pace, on your schedule. This option is perfect for busy professionals looking to enhance their skills without the constraints of scheduled classes.


  • 24-Hour Access: Begin your training within 24 hours of registration.
  • Flexible Learning: Progress through the curriculum at your own pace.
  • Comprehensive Modules: Engage with a wide range of topics essential for Community Health Workers.



Private: Group Session

For organizations or groups seeking a tailored training experience, our Private Class option offers personalized sessions delivered by our expert instructors. Dive deep into popular education with content customized to your group’s specific needs and interests. Private Classes provide an interactive and collaborative learning environment, perfect for teams looking to collectively enhance their educational strategies in community health.

For more information on booking a Group Session, please achieve@everydaylifechw.com. Our team is here to support your educational journey and answer any questions you may have.